Jinx Buster Spell

Jinx Buster Spell

A Word from Jean Claude:

“If things have not been going well for you, you may have a negative force field surrounding you, preventing you from succeeding.

“Have you noticed that recently you have been encountering annoying and sometimes serious difficulties that prevent you from succeeding — sometimes in areas where you previously were successful?

“And these problems are occurring in your relationships, at work and in your finances.

“Take a look at the following to determine if this describes your situation.  If so, I will be glad to do what I can to help you.”

Is this you?*

  • Do you sometimes feel a black cloud is hovering over you?
  • Do you feel a negativity engulfing you, stopping you from completing some tasks that you used to perform effortlessly?
  • Do you know someone who perhaps has put a jinx on you with their negative thoughts and their wish that you do not succeed?
  • Do you have a bad feeling that has been following you around for months and you just can’t figure out what is causing it?

Do the above words reflect your situation?

If the above accurately reflects something that is critically important to you, ask Jean Claude to cast a jinx breaker spell on your request.*

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