Full Moon Spells

Do you want to find the love of your life? The other half of your soul? A Full Moon spell is designed to do just that.

Does This Describe Someone You Know?

A person cannot truly love another when totally consumed with oneself. When basking in their own sunlight, they may achieve many good things, but not love. However, once they become a moon, then and only then can they love another.

A Full Moon spell allows them to appreciate a person dear to them. It is only then when a person becomes the most complete.

If you know someone who has difficulty committing, or who is too wrapped up in himself/herself, or too consumed with their own activities, you would be doing both you and them a favor by requesting a Full Moon spell in their behalf.

Here are the signs of a person who would be blessed if you cast a Full Moon spell in their behalf:

  • Not enough time and effort put into your relationship.
  • Selfish.
  • Failure to see own frailties.
  • Difficulty expressing feelings.
  • Not giving you the tender loving care you deserve.

Once a Full Moon spell takes effect, here are some of changes you may notice:

  • More sensitive to your feelings.
  • Not as hard or as critical of you.
  • Increased attention toward you.
  • Understanding that everyone (including them) has flaws.
  • Open to new ideas, new avenues for your relationship.

Most likely you have strong feelings about this person, and you recognize their wonderful qualities; but if you want all their goodness directed toward you, take a look at the following Full Moon spells and see if one or more would be of assistance to you.

Click the name of the Full Moon Spell below that appeals to you to request it cast in your behalf.

Full Moon Soften My Lover’s Heart Spell  – If your lover is hard on you, critical of your every move and much different than when you first met, this spell softens their heart, bringing tender loving care back into your relationship.

Full Moon Return My Lover Spell – If the person you love and want to be with is away from you, cast this spell to bring them back. Life is not the same without this person in your life, and once the pleasant memories of your togetherness is reimplanted in their mind, it is only a matter of time before their return.

Full Moon Find My Other Half Spell– Your life is not complete until your other half – your soul mate – is with you. This spell casts a wide net to find this person and draw them to you.

Full Moon Better Family Relationships Spell – Nothing is more disconcerting than to have bitter feelings among loved ones. Once you cast this spell, you will feel the bitterness, the hostility, the anger begin to dissipate. And soon everyone will look forward to being together.

Full Moon Better Friendships Spell – We all need friends. And close, long-lasting friendships are so important in our lives. This spell touches all who mean dearly to you, and it is only a matter of time before laughter, loyalty and good times are part of your every day routine.

Full Moon Fulfill My Career Spell – Most people spend more time working in their career than enjoying leisure activities. So, it is vital you are working in a pleasant environment making headway – and money. This spell speeds up the process and places you in a position in which you reap vast amounts of enjoyment and success.

Full Moon Protection and Security Spell – Who doesn’t want to feel secure and relaxed? This Full Moon spell intends to cast a shield around you protecting you from bad spirits, bad people and negative energy.

Full Moon Lucky Streak Spell – It’s time things came to you without fighting for every inch. You deserve to have better things in life – more luxuries, more money, more happiness. This spell seems to make things lighter, easier, making success more attainable – and doing so with a broad smile on your face.