I Want a Person Out of My Life Spell

I Want a Person Out of My Life Spell

A word from Jean Claude:

“Is there someone causing you, or someone you love, trouble?

“Would your life take an immediate step in the right direction if this person were to be removed from your life?

“If so, don’t put it off another minute.  The sooner you address this situation, the sooner your life will be back on track.

“Take a look at the following to determine if this describes your current situation.  If so, I will be glad to do what I can to help you.”

Do the following words describe your situation? *

  • Someone in your life is a very negative influence.
  • This person is causing you trouble and apparently will never change.
  • You don’t know what you’ve done to deserve this negative person’s wrath.
  • You have lost patience with this person and don’t want to be the recipient of their bad behavior any longer.
  • You want a normal life and are certain this will occur once this person is out of the picture.

Is it time to remove all that negative energy?

If so, ask Jean Claude Swann to implant this message in the subconscious mind of the person you select by casting his powerful Get Out of My Life Spell.*

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