I Want a Promotion and a Raise Spell

I Want a Promotion and a Raise Spell

A word from Jean Claude:

“Do you feel you’ve paid your dues at work and are ready to be rewarded for all your efforts?

“Are you disappointed that you haven’t made the progress that you had hoped for?  And you wonder what the future holds for you?

“Perhaps there is something you can do about it. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility.

“Take a look at the following statements to determine if this describes you and your situation.  If so, I will be glad to do what I can to help you with a potent job promotion spell”

Is this you?*

  • You feel you have earned a promotion along with a significant raise.
  • It’s time that all the efforts you’ve put into your job is recognized by your superiors, and your peers.
  • You have outgrown your present job and you need a promotion to keep you stimulated and your wallet full of cash.
  • You want to take the next step into a more interesting position and to earn more money.

Do the above words reflect your situation?

If the above accurately reflects something you believe you truly deserve, ask Jean Claude to cast a a powerful job promotion spell on your request.*
I Want a Promotion and a Raise Spell - $39.95 Now only $25.00!
You will have an opportunity to explain the details of your request to Jean Claude during checkout. After we receive your order, we will send you an e-mail with the date the spell will be cast, and any other instructions if necessary.
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