The Morning Star

The Morning Star

Its light is aimed at you!

The Morning Star is the eternal jewel of the night. It is your personal star.

As the 18th century poet, Jeffrey Banning, said: “Whatever road I take, the Morning Star is with me. This is my guiding star which points the way. Its light is aimed in but one direction — directly at me.”

goo First written about in ancient texts, this unique symbol has been rumored to:

  • Shine upon the path leading to ultimate happiness.
  • Bring lovers together.
  • Accentuate friendship and comradeship.
  • Brighten your future.

It is believed that the person who wears the Guiding Star could forevermore be in its stewardship. That once you possess the Morning Star, hidden forces may be at your side — helping you, guiding you, working in your behalf.

The Morning Star good luck necklace is a high-polished sterling silver pendant, complete with silver chain.
The Morning Star - $69.95